Athens Coffee Festival

ACF 2023: Coffee trends & party mood!

Top coffee brands, exciting coffee championships, seminars from coffee experts and of course lots of coffee surprises!

From September 23th to 25th the city of Athens will live to the rhythm of the biggest Coffee Festival in Greece! Featuring the top coffee companies as exhibitors, demonstrations from world-class baristas, interactive workshops, street food, coffee-based cocktails, competitions and so much more, the festival is going to be the must visit event for more than 25,000 creative urbanites and industry professionals who are expected to attend.

The art of coffee & … fun only at ACF!

In a lively three-day event starring coffee, you will enjoy unique happenings & musical surprises! And not only thate! You will taste excellent quality coffee varieties from Vietnam, Indonesia, Panama, Brazil, Honduras, Guatemala, Kenya, Ethiopia and hear award-winning baristas share their coffee tips. You will take part in competitions with coffee prizes and dance until you drop at the biggest coffee party in the country!

Are you Coffee industry’s professionals or barista? Then you will have the opportunity to see new and innovative products, which will make a difference to your business and help you upgrade the product you offer to your customer! Are you a coffee lover? Then you will try fine varieties of coffee and discover top coffee machines for home!

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