ISSUE #149
JUNE – JULY 2020

Τhe leading magazine for the Bakery and Pastry industry in Greece

Since 1990, A-Z has come a long way and has become the number one trade magazine in circulation and readership, dedicated to the Bakery & Pastry industry. It is sent to bakery and pastry companies in Greece and Cyprus.

An informative and tasteful magazine, with rich content and of high-quality print, A-Z offers reliable, in-depth information on anything that may be of interest to the artisan or businessman of the specific industry. Featuring pioneering concepts, the latest trends in the Greek and international pastry and bakery sectors, information on food technology, articles on marketing and business administration, as well as original and traditional recipes, A-Z is undoubtedly the biggest and most reliable Bakery and Pastry trade magazine in Greece and among the best in Europe – an invaluable tool in the hands of the Greek baker and pastry entrepreneur.

Recipient Analysis


Refreshments Stores, Snack Cafes

Hotels, Guest Houses, Hotel Accommodations

Pastry Workshops

Bakery & Pastry Stores

Coffee and Pastry Shops, Bakery Cafes

Companies trading raw materials, Ready to eat products & Mahinery

Workshops – Industries

Bakers – Confectioners

9,000 recipients/ hardcopy
11,500 recipients/ digital edition


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