35 years of healthy economic activity

Within a highly competitive environment, FORUM SA has managed to become one of the leading companies in its field, with the consistency, prestige and transparency that characterize all its operations. Today, FORUΜ SA is one of the top companies in the organization of professional trade shows and sector publications in Greece, based on turnover.

Strong turnover and profit growth

For more than 30 years, FORUM SA has been active in the field of professional exhibitions and publications. During this time, the company has never been exposed to external borrowing, as it is strictly self-financed. FORUM SA’s philosophy is to invest in knowledge, experience, people and the quality of services it offers. As a result, the company has achieved an impressive growth in sales and staff, as well as a strong increase in profits.

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Annual human resource growth

We invest in our people

Recognizing the importance of Human Resources as capital and as one of its most competitive advantages, FORUM SA follows policies and initiatives aimed at effectively attracting, developing and retaining its employees. Today, we employ more than 61 experienced executives with knowledge, training and experience, with the aim of providing high quality services to the thousands of professionals and companies that trust us.

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