Promoting Greek Food & Beverages in world markets!

As the number of Greek businesses interested in penetrating and establishing themselves in the international Food & Beverage markets is on the rise, the creation of an international trade magazine has become imperative. A magazine that will be a means of communication and promotion of Greek products to the top distribution networks and retailers around the world.

Ambrosia magazine is the new informative, biannual publication in English, about Greek Food & Drinks that covers this emerging need and aims to promote Greek products to the international Food & Beverage markets, by asserting the superior quality and culinary value of Greek Food & Beverages on an international level.

International Recipient Analysis

5,000 selected major international buyers /hard copy
43,000 buyers in specific target-markets /digital form
2,000 issues (hard copy & digital form) distributed during international trade shows

recipients across the world
(hardcopy and digital edition)

Current issue features

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