FORUM SA -food expo 2021

New dates & new form for FOOD EXPO 2021

FORUM SA, in order to ensure the most suitable conditions for the next event decided to reschedule FOOD EXPO 2021 on 12-15 June and introduces a physical and digital form of FOOD EXPO 2021.

The organization of FOOD EXPO 2021 exhibition is very likely to be negatively affected due to the pandemic developments and not be able to take place at the scheduled dates March 6-9, in the commercial and social conditions that both exhibitors as much as visitors wish. So, the organizing company FORUM SA, in order to ensure the most suitable conditions for the next event and in order to maintain the high organizational and visiting level that has characterized FOOD EXPO all these years, decided to reschedule on the dates 12-15 June 2021.

The interest of industry professionals is focused on FOOD EXPO 2021

Despite the new conditions that have developed due to the coronavirus pandemic, FOOD EXPO 2021 will upgrade Greek companies creating even better conditions to develop their extroversion. Especially, at a time when Greek fruit and veg exports break new records and the food and beverage sector managed not only to remain unharmed for the most part but also to witness a rapid increase in demand and revenue.
Once again, FOOD EXPO 2021 will be the top event for the domestic food and beverage market, giving the opportunity to the largest food and beverage production and processing companies that participate as exhibitors, to highlight their products in thousands of Greek and foreign food traders and conclude great deals and expand their commercial base with new dynamic customers!
At the same time, the exhibition’s international character, will be highlighted for another year as several important and large production and export companies from foreign countries will participate.


Physical and digital form for FOOD EXPO 2021!

The largest Food & Beverage trade show in Southeast Europe will be held in a physical and digital form, through a custom made interactive online platform. Adapted to the new circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic, and facing public health issues with a sense of responsibility, this new and innovative version of the FOOD EXPO fair, launched in 2021, will create the best and safest conditions that will ensure commercial effectiveness and success for both exhibitors and visitors alike.
From 12 to 15 June, 2021, FOOD EXPO 2021 will give the opportunity to a great number of companies from all across the world to showcase their products and services to thousands of important Greek and international food traders –whether they will attend the exhibition or not– and conclude significant agreements.

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