HORECA 2021 - New dates

HORECA postponed to 11-14 February 2022

HORECA is invited to hold its most important event in its 15-year history in 2022, which will take place on February 11-14.

FORUM SA, despite the adverse conditions created by the Covid-19 pandemic all these months, made every effort to organize HORECA 2021.

Unfortunately, however, the HORECA 2021 exhibition, which was originally scheduled for February 11-15, due to the pandemic developments, is very likely to be adversely affected and not be able to take place in the commercial and social conditions that both exhibitors and visitors wish.

So, based on the above, the organizing company in order to ensure the most suitable conditions for the next event, to maintain the high organizational level that has characterized HORECA all these years and finally to protect its exhibitors from the negative consequences which would have a last-minute cancellation, decided to postpone HORECA to 11-14 February 2022.

The goal is HORECA  to be an important springboard for the recovery of the entire industry and a great success, once again consolidating its significance in the future of Hospitality and Foodservice in Greece.

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