Gala Dinner FORUM SA – NürnbergMesse

A Gala Dinner was held successfully on Monday, September 30, at the Acropolis Museum, as part of the acquisition of FORUM SA, Greece’s largest exhibition organization, by one of Germany’s largest exhibition organizations, the NürnbergMesse Group.

A glamorous event took place on the occasion of the completion of the historic agreement for the Greek exhibition industry, between the NürnbergMesse Exhibition Organization and the largest exhibition organizing company in Greece, FORUM SA. At the gala dinner were present FORUM SA and NürnbergMesse council and executives, representatives of the Greek and German Parliament, Ambassadors, representatives of the political life of our country, Presidents of the Institutions of Tourism, Bakery, Food & Beverage and businessmen- 300 representatives of the leading and largest manufacturers and purchasing companies in Greece belonging to the portfolio of FORUM SA clients.

The evening began with speeches by Mr. Nikos Choudalakis, Managing Director of FORUM SA and Dr. Rolland Fleck, CEO of NürnbergMesse. The two executives welcomed the fact that the two leading companies in the exhibition industry in Greece and Bavaria have joined forces, with a mutual commitment to a bright, challenging and successful future.

Mr. Nikos Choudalakis addressed a warm “thank you” to all FORUM SA clients who believed in the potentials of the company from the very beginning, became visionaries alongside the managers of FORUM SA and supported the company over the years. In particular he said: “With most of you we had a common path. Together we matured and grew professionally following parallel paths of different moderation. We know very well what passion means for success and how hard work, dedication and personal effort are required to achieve it. Today, as head of the Greek administration of FORUM SA, which will remain at the helm of the company for years to come, I want to promise you that we will work as intensively and effectively as we have ever done so that this powerful alliance will flourish and will bring the maximum commercial benefits for each of you. “

Gala Dinner FORUM SA - Nikos Choudalakis

Mr. Nikos Choudalakis, CEO of FORUM SA

Gala Dinner FORUM SA Nurnberg Messe

Dr. Roland Fleck, CEO of Nurnberg Messe

At the same time, speaking of this new collaboration, Dr. Rolland Fleck said: “Investing in Greece’s No.1 trade show organizing company gives access to a portfolio of exhibitions like “BIOFESTIVAL, “FOODTECH” and “FOOD EXPO” which fit perfectly with the top exhibitions of NürnbergMesse, such as BIOFACH, BrauBeviale and FachPack. Finally, he did not fail to point out that FORUM SA is currently the largest subsidiary of the German colossus worldwide.

During his speech German Ambassador, Mr. Reichel Ernst, welcomed this important investment and expressed his support to the two companies and their efforts to turn Greece into an exhibition hub for Southeast Europe. Mr. Karl Freller, Vicepresidnet of the Bavarian Parliament, who reaffirmed the confidence of the German economy in the healthy Greek “business”, said that co-operation between the two top industry’s companies laid the groundwork for even more opportunities for German companies to invest in Greece and for a new financial relationships between Greek companies and Germany, based on mutual trust.

The Vice Mayor of the Municipality of Athens, Mr. Makropoulos Nikolaos, also expressed his support for this important investment by NürnbergMesse Group. Mr. Adonis Georgiadis, Minister for Development and Investments, said that collaborations like this strengthen the Greek government’s faith in the further development of Greek-German economic relations. Finally, he mentioned how important it is for the government, in collaboration with the relevant stakeholders and representatives of the trade show industry, to develop a concrete exhibition policy that will bring positive developments to the Greek economy and in the long run will meet the country’s high needs in the field of investments.

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