“CoVid-Shield” certification for FORUM SA

FORUM SA, adapted to the new conditions that have developed due to the coronavirus pandemic and guided by the safety and health of exhibitors and visitors, was certified by TUV Austria Hellas with the “CoVid-Shield” Certification Scheme, regarding the preparation and organization of trade shows.

In accordance with the legal framework and the specific requirements that apply to its activity, FORUM SA has taken all the necessary steps to ensure that there is an appropriate mechanism to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease during the trade shows that organizes and has committed for the continuous monitoring and review of the Safety and Health Mechanism based on the epidemiological data and recommendations of the competent authorities.

Policy – Covid Shield Commitment

The Management of FORUM SA is committed to take all necessary measures for the safe operation of the Company, in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and for as long as it lasts, as well as for the safety of staff, associates and customers related to activity of the Company.
It has therefore adopted a policy in line with the principles of ISO Covid-Shield which includes the following:
1. Preventive measures to reduce the possibility of transmission of the virus to staff, exhibitors and visitors.
2. Appoint a designated crisis management team for Covid – 19 suspected cases (in and out of the workplace).
3. Create a coronavirus crisis management plan for suspected Covid-19 cases.
4. Update the Occupational Health Risk Assessment regarding the risk assessment and the relevant prevention and protection measures related to SARS-CoV-2.
5. Continuous monitoring and review of Occupational Safety and Health Procedures based on the recommendations issued by the National Organization of Public Health (EODY) and the competent bodies and Ministries.
6. Establishment of measurable objective indicators for the compliance of the Company regarding the requirements of the scheme and the compliance with the instructions of EODY and the World Health Organization. These indicators are established and evaluated in terms of their degree of achievement in the context of the review of the Covid Shield Scheme by the Company.
7. The “Covid Shield” Policy and principles are applied and will be applied continuously during all the operating hours of the Company, as well as during overtime and during the organization of the exhibitions.
8. The Company is committed to providing the necessary resources for the smooth, efficient and effective continuation of the operation of its commercial activity.
9. The Policy also applies to all external organizations that use the facilities of the exhibitions organized by FORUM SA.
10. The COVID-19 Management System is regularly reviewed by the Management Team (every 3 months at least or on an ad hoc basis whenever necessary), in order to ensure its continuous suitability, adequacy and effectiveness in the defense of Public Health.

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