7,150 visitors at Bio Festival 2023

From May 6 to 8, thousands of visitors met 120 exhibitors at Bio Festival 2023 and discovered an eco and sustainable way of living…

7,150 visitors of all ages filled the Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens with happy voices, tried a panorama of organic and vegan food and drinks, discovered alternative food suggestions, explored eco-friendly and sustainable solutions for their everyday life, danced with The Swingin’ Cats and Idra Kayne and spent beautiful moments with their family, friends and pets. Our goal was once again to highlight organic and natural products and the culture of eco-living as protagonists! And with our 120 exhibitors as “allies” we succeeded…

Music, dance & happenings for the whole family!

The festival was back stronger than ever, full of music, events for the family and gifts for everyone. Visitors of all ages met daily at the main stage, where the presenter and radio producer of Hit 88.9, Katerina Psimopoulou, set the tempo with her musical selections, chatted with the audience and handed out over 250 excellent bio gifts!

At the same time, this year we had the pleasure of hosting at our Bio Festival party, the amazing Swingin’ Cats who traveled us through all the musical decades and united young and old dancing and the impressive Idra Kayne who blew up the audience with a mix of Soul, RnB, Hip Hop and Pop music hits. At the same time and during the three days of the Bio Festival, the Technopolis area was filled with children’s laughter, plenty of imagination and lots of painting!

We are expecting you again at Bio Festival 2024!

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